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  • Ridgid Drill Press - Opinions

    I have a chance to get a really good deal on an
    "OLDER MODEL" ( Pre Ryobi Buyout ) Ridgid free standing drill press.

    Is their drill press known to be one of their better tools in the line - or on the lower end of their tool line. I'm getting a great price if I jump on it - but not in dire need.

    Looking for opinions


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    Tauton's 2004 Tool Guide rated it as the Best Buy. They rated the Delta 17-965 as the Best Overall, but gave the Ridgid the nod for second choice. I just bought one for $114 as part of the HD clearance, but haven't set it up yet.


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      Jump on it, I’ve had one since Dec. and although my DP requirements have been quite limited thus far, it appears to be more than adequate for my foreseeable needs. I was concerned about the .5 hp motor compared to .75 on most of the competition, but it is capable of drilling a 2.25” Forstner bit into hard maple without breaking a sweat.



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        I love mine. I'd buy it again.

        That said, I hope that it's already sold to anyone but you. Something may go wrong with it and you and Ferg would run around bashing Ridgid.

        One in million chance that it's defective, but that's too much of a risk to take to show you that Ridgid makes a good product.

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          buy it.

          I bought one in december, when i heard that ryobi bought them out, and my wife just loves it!!(we are a woodworking team). She often does alot of work with forstner bits in everything from quarter oak to walnut to hard maple and she is still smiling!