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    Before you buy you may also want to look at Woodworker's Journal Feb.2003 issue. They did a simialar drill press review, though not with all the same models. Both reviews include the Ridgid, and have mostly good stuff to say about it. I went to my local HD to check one out (by the way my HD just opened two months ago so they are in that typical "new-store,extra-effort-to-impress-the-customers" mode that ALL chain stores do). The first time I went buy, the 1550 was on display but one of the feed handles was bent, with the threads stripped, so I was a wasn't to impressed. I went a week later and they had it fixed or had a new one on display. I was impressed. For the money it seemed like an exellent deal. Just like both of the woodworking mag. tool reviews said, the finish and obvious quality were great. But in the end, I went with the Delta 17-965 as did Mark R. I didn't find it for quite as good a deal, I paid $360 and also got the free mortising attachment (worth $70, a deal good through March). In fact I just got done assembling it this morning, and am pleased so far. The stop nut on mine seems to stay put just fine, so Mark you may just want to go to a Delta dealer and ask for another one. I went with the Delta because the 1/2 H.P.and the 3.75 inches of quill travel on the Ridgid just didn't seem like it would meet my needs. Had the mortising attachment not been free I probably would have gone with the JET 17-MF, because at normal price, it seems to be the most quality bang for the buck! Hope this helps.