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  • Fine Woodworking DP Review

    Just read the DP review in the April FWW. The Ridgid Model faired well. It came in 2nd behind the Delta 17-965.

    Since I need a Drill Press I thought I'd go to HD to check it out. Well I drove to the 3 HD I have within 20 miles from my house. NOT ONE had it (on display or in Stock) or knew what I was talking about with repect to the latest model. I'll spare you the details of how bad the Ridgid displays were(not sure you can actually call them Rigid Displays since the tools had Ryobi and other tools sitting atop them)

    The author of the article suggests not buying a drill press without seeing it up close. Easier said than done with this Ridgid DP!

    Jake, Can you tell me where I can view this tool in Westchester County in NY? Congrats on the positive review. Thanks


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    Very odd, since the drill press is one of the few items that is normally set up correctly and actually on display at most stores. it is also one of the few items that I've always seen in stock as well.

    Be patient, it offers a lot for the money. Similar machines run $100 more elsewhere.


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      Gee---HD didn't have the tool? What a surprise!!! Don't remeber if it was hear or another forum---someone posted to this effect---HD profits down 14% in past quarter---Lowes up 40+%----I wonder why????

      I'd try and talk to a manager or call another nearby store.


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        "HD profits down 14% in past quarter---Lowes up 40+%----I wonder why????"

        I've been praying for a Lowes to open up around here! I even sent them an email telling them too!

        "call another nearby store"
        No way! I've called my 3 local stores before and all I can say is the people working the store floors are rocket scientists compared to those answering the phones!



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          I'd e-mail Jake on Monday---he can likely help.


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            ToolFreak, I had the same problem. Several HDs had the DP1500, but not the DP1550 (although the sales tag said DP1550). Most of the HDs that I went too said they would order it, but I did not want to be "on the hook" to buy it if I did not like it. See if there are any new stores in your area, they may be more likley to have it.

            Rather than wait to find a HD that had one in stock, I decided to buy the Delta 17-965.
            I found it for $339 with a free mortising attachment. That made the price comparable (if not better) so I went with it. It is a nice machine though I do have a minor problem with the "nut" used to adjust the depth stop. It has a quick release feature which I find allows it to slip easily. It should be easy to fix with a real nut and I do like the depth stop style better than on the DP1550. I called Delta Customer service and I was not very impressed with their attitude to the problem I was having. I was basically told "that's the way it works". If they had even offered to send a new "nut" I would have been happy. My past experience dealing with Ridgid Customer Service was MUCH better. Of course, that is one of the reasons that I looked for the Rdigid first.

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              And another order goes south for Ridgid. Jake, can you give the name of the Ridge Tools Director of Sales please??



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                I also was going to buy the DP 1550. I live in Atlanta and there are something like 20 HD stores within a few miles of where I live or where I work. Alas, after wasting 7 hours at 5 stores trying to get a DP1550 instead of the DP1500, I gave up. I got the larger Jet at a woodworking show for $310. Before buying the Jet, I e-mailed Home Depot customer relations twice. The first time they responded with incorrect information about where I could get the DP 1550 (wasted another store trip). The second time was a week and a half ago and I still haven't heard back. I plan on writing letters to both HD and Ridgid. I had a similar experience when buying my 3612 Table Saw. As for me, I won't even consider another Ridgid purchase if I have to go through Home Depot, it isn't worth so much of my time to save $100 over the Delta or Jet.


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                  Jake, can you give the name of the Ridge Tools Director of Sales please??

                  Cutbuff, you'd probably get farther with the people at Emerson Tool Company, that's the group that makes the woodworking tools. Afraid I don't have the name of the person you're looking for, the person who answers 314-553-2000 (Emerson Corporate) can probably point you in the right direction.



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                    What a coincidence! I am right this very week planning to purchase a drill press. I feel your pain! I've had the same experience trying to get my hands on the new Ridgid drill press. I have also had the same frustrations with the 3612 table saw. I was so frustrated by my experience with the 3612 I almost bought another brand. I had traveled to three different HD's, and got nowhere. I finally got the table saw by traveling 3 hours south to a store in another state! I was one mouse click away from buying a Grizzly table saw instead.

                    Now, I am not sure I want to go through the same frustration with the drill press. I might just order the Grizzly this time and forget about it. I have not read the Fine Woodworking review yet, so I might wait just a bit.

                    There was a discussion a little while ago with someone asking us to stop bashing HD. But I think this is a very important discussion to have. People here like Ridgid tools and want to see the company get better and sell more products. Ridgid should see this criticism as a mark of honor -- we care enough to take the time to ask for a change.

                    The question is, how long can a reputable company like Ridgid go on losing sales because of the ignorance of HD? I would think that in a slower economy, the company would be even more interested in not losing any sales!


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                      Matthew, Agree 100%. If this wasn't an on-going problem, I think we'd much rather talk about ww'ing! Based on what I've read here in the past, I can't help but think that, in many of the stores that didn't have the new dp, it was collecting dust on some overhead. It's bad enough that HD doesn't hire knowledgable employees, but they sure seem to have a crumby inventory control system. Have seen much better warehouse systems, where the inventory is bar-coded to the bin location.

                      As I've said before, if you can't find it, you can't sell it! What would Ridgid sales be like if we didn't constantly hear these stories?

                      Saw in today's paper that HD is changing their approach to compete with Lowes. They are going to reach out to smaller markets----sort of a late dawning of the Walmart approach. That's a major investment, with a usually slow return on investment. Wonder how those costs would compare to a better inventory system and revamping their workforce.


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                        "There was a discussion a little while ago with someone asking us to stop bashing HD. But I think this is a very important discussion to have. People here like Ridgid tools and want to see the company get better and sell more products. Ridgid should see this criticism as a mark of honor -- we care enough to take the time to ask for a change."

                        I did not start this thread with the intention of bashing HD, but clearly my frustration with them has come through loud and clear in my post. I agree we should discuss this topic just as we would discuss Jet, Delta, Dewalt, etc having tool availability/vendor issues.

                        I understand that HD and Rigid/Emerson have some contract, but when disputes arise in a contract there are ways to address them through legal means, arbitration, or business negotiation. I wonder if Ridgid/Emerson is persuing any of these means to rectify the problem or maybe they don't regognize the problem since it has continued for so long.

                        I'm suprised to read how many people whet above and beyond to locate a Ridgid Tool. It says something about their tools. Frankly, I don't have a lot of time to woodwork so I really don't have time to go all over in search for this DP especially when the other top picks are readily available.

                        One of the reason I was leaning towards the Rigid is to use up some HD gift certificates.


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                          Here we go again.

                          I have no problem with the guys at Home Depot mostly because I could not fit another Ridgid tool in my shop without busting out a wall

                          I would keep trying, my experience with my Ridgid tools says its worth a bit of frustration even though there should be none. HD has real work to do to clean up their customer service, but I believe Ridgid is probably much easier to work with if you have a warranty issue than some of the alternatives, although they may be easier to buy.

                          I still want to see a Ridgid rep with some expertise from time to time.


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                            You guys will tear this one up. Just saw it on



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                              Thanks for that link. I spent an hour reading away, and looking at Allen's links, and then heading to HD Hell part II.

                              I emailed him, briefly discribing how the contents of this forum has changed from woodworking advice to HD bashing. Invited him to come read a few posts.

                              Might be a good idea if some others would also email Allen an invite to come read a few HD bashings. It sure isn't gunna hurt!
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