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  • painting issues

    I am makeing my son a toddler bed, made of hd pine . i want to pain but i notice the pine soaks up so much paint. someone told m to paint alot of thin coats and then to sand after dry with a 600 grit then a 1200 grit paper, , my issue is i want a smooth gloss finish , does this method work.

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    Re: painting issues

    Did you prime first?

    I really like Bullseye 1-2-3 primer for fresh wood. Recently I just tried some Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer (mostly for drywall but works on wood too) and it worked just as good, the BMoore stuff is a little better because its acrylic.

    I would prime the wood first, then do some sanding (I used 150 grit). I would then repeat the step one more time (prime, sand) then worry about top coating it. Top coat once, sand with a fine paper (220, 320 grit), then repeat. I used this method to put clear poly on shelves Ive built and they came out nice and smooth (except for where something landed on them during out for that ).



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      Re: painting issues

      You definitely need to prime, especially with a wood like pine that soaks up paint. Primer also helps paint adhere properly.

      As far as sanding goes, you probably only have to sand the first coat or two. Make sure you're using a good quality brush ... you won't like the results from cheap brushes if you're looking for top quality results. I prefer Purdy brushes.