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  • Is this guy right?

    I stopped into a local woodworking tool store the other day looking for a apecific drill press. They didn't have the one I wanted but they could order it for me. During my conversation with the salesman I happened to mention that I had recently purchased a Ridgid table saw. His response was

    "that's too bad, they are a piece of junk. The sales people from HD (it's accross the street) come in here all the time and tell me that people are returning them - 3 or 4 a week! The motor is made in China and the plastic parts keep breaking!"

    First off why would a salesman say something like that to a prospective customer, even if he was right which I don't think he is. I think he is confused with the Ryobi line of tools that HD also sells. This is a well stocked store (big on JET power tools) and I probably will buy from them but I was surprised that this guy would make such a comment like that. What do you think? Was he probably talking about Ryobi?

    I didn't think it was worth the effort to try and correct him so I said nothing.


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    Not everyone you talk to about woodworking machines, even if they work in a tool store, is an authoritative source of correct, factual information. Since the salesman got his information from some HD employees, this makes his statements even less credible. Take a look at some of the posts here over the last 2-3 weeks, to get an impression of the general consensus regarding HD personnel.

    Ridgid table saws are very highly regarded, and not just on this slightly skewed forum. The motor on my 3612 is an Emerson, made in the USA.
    Who knows what these guys were referring to, it could have been anything or anyone or knowing the general level of the personnel at HD no one!

    HD also carries 3-4 other makes of saw in addition to Ridgid and Ryobi.



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      I think he's full of it, I've never seen a return TS in any HD's in Dallas and I frequent 3 most every week.

      Consider the source and that most salesmen (of any kind) know less about what they are selling than most of us do.
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        A good knowledgeable salesman may point out differences in one companies product over another companies but would never refer to the competition as "junk". Guys like this just uses trash words to basically just make noise but in reality are just wasting the customers time.

        You are very wise in not condemning the store for his ignorance. Some ratailers have their sales staff on commission so I would avoid this guy like the plague whenever you go there.
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          i have seen only one get returned. A man bought a ts2424 and claimed the holes for the extension wings were in all the wrong places. Seems he had them upside down or something according to the HD associate. i picked up that saw for $350, it went together just fine, and I have loved it ever since.


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            Reread David’s (Cutbuff) post, my sentiments parallel his.



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              Thanks for the comments. I really didn't think this guy knew what he was talking about, I just thought it was odd that he would make such a negative comment about a customer's purchase. I'm new to woodworking and have only used the 3612 a few times but even I know that this is a solid machine; not like the other brands I've seen at HD, Sears or Lowes.

              Thanks again for your comments!



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                Interestingly, I got a the same response from a big Jet-Delta store when buying my drill press. I frequent this store often now because it is close and have gotten to know the guy. He's a nice guy with good intentions who was just passing along what he had heard from other customers. I have found a decent amount of people who think very negatively about Ridgid even though they have never owned one or worked with one. It is probably just a perception they have because of the home depot displays, lack of advertising or presence at WW shows, etc (just guessing).


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                  While all Ridgid tools may not be created equal, the 3612 is one of the best. Who knows---with Ridgid and Ryobi----maybe the guy got his "Rs" mixed up.


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                    jet power tools at a home depot? i have never seen such a thing.

                    as far as the 3612///awesome machine. motor is emerson made in the usa and has served me well.

                    in all honesty, the table saw (like all tools)is only as good as the person operating it. before i got my shop set up i worked over at a friend of mines house, an older guy who has been in carpentry and wood working for 20+ yrs. he helped me with one project and used his archaic true value 10" bench top table saw to rip a few boards for me (without a fence), and these boards were as straight if not straighter than anything i have ripped on my 3612, and you can not see my glue lines!

                    just my 2 cents
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                      "that's too bad, they are a piece of junk. The sales people from HD (it's accross the street) come in here all the time and tell me that people are returning them - 3 or 4 a week! The motor is made in China and the plastic parts keep breaking!"
                      I just had to comment on this because about the only plastic part I have on my 3612 is the on/off switch. I'm not sure what the HD people my have said, but I'll bet it was just a salesman making unwarranted remarks on something he knows nothing about.