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DP 1550 idler pulley at angle

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  • DP 1550 idler pulley at angle


    I just purchased the DP 1550 and assembled it. Overall very nice finishing. Buuut....when I went to check the alignment of the pulleys I noticed the motor pully was much higher than the spindle pulley. Luckily before I did anything I put in the idler was angled!!

    I pulled the idler pulley out and checked that the rod was perpendicular to the wheels, it was. Putting it back in I could see that the last 1/2 inch of travel caused the pulley to tilt to the right side and toward the spindle pulley. No wonder the motor was mounted so high!

    I guess I can put washers in the bottom of the motor mount to get the pulley to match the angle of the idler, but I cant see how to align the spindle pulley. Right now the head vibrates a bit and I am afraid that this will cause excessive wear on the front belt.

    Advice? Should I return it and try another one or is this ok? I can see the belt has to bend a bit as it goes onto both pulleys.