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BS 1400 Riser Block

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  • BS 1400 Riser Block

    I'm new to this forum but owns JP010, TP1300, & BS1400.

    I am looking to purchase the BS1400 riser block. My local Home Depot does not carry this accessory. I called Ridgid just today and they want $95 + shipping for it. Is this how much this accessory is going for? The price seems high to me, I was thinking around $40 or so.

    Does anyone know if I can source this some where else?


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    Not more than a month or so ago, it was $59.97 + shipping according to

    Is it made out of gold now or something? I know, orange paint costs more than grey.



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      The price of the riser block has been 60 bucks since day one. Any in stock by HD was being offed some time ago for as little as 20 bucks. If they are correct in quoting 95 bucks now, they must include a variety of blades are they are trying to rip us off.

      Mine is not even machinec correctly and had to shim it to get the flywheels to line up.
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        I recently ordered one. You can go to and order online or call ordertree, $59.99 + shipping. They are handling all of the accessories now. Currently, the riser blocks are on Quality hold (may be the issue Woody is seeing) and will not be shipping. When I last spoke with ordertree CS, there were 48 on back order. It is unfortunate that I cannot get the riser right away but at least it looks like they have the conscience not to ship bad parts.

        Woody, saw you finally got your motor, congrats. I dont'n know if you want to deal with the hassle again, but based on the quality hold and the issues with your riser, maybe you can use the hold as leverage to get another block when they start producing them again.
        Can someone help me install this blade!!!!!!


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          Thanks for the tip on I just placed my order & it is still $59.97 + 9.95 shipping. Didn't see anything about it being out of stock/backordered, but they'll probably surprise me with that detail later.

          UO Woody,

          I was shocked at news of the huge price hike too so I called yesterday to check. I was quoted $95.68 + shipping. I don't think they have added anything to it either. Appears to be just greed.



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            Thanks for the information. Kevin, looks like I'll do the same. I hope they fix this quality issue.

            I went to Apex Saw Works yesterday and they quoted me $16-$22 for 3/8, 1/2, & 3/4 blades. Cannot get em yet until I get the riser block. Has anyone use Apex blades? Are they worth buying? I have read a lot of good comments about the Timberwolf blades, but I think I'll wait until I start with some serious woodworking projects. I am still in the process of building my "ultimate woodworking bench". Got vacation/serious woodworking time next week. Can't wait!!



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              I haven't tried Timberwolf blades yet, but plan to order some soon. They get rave reviews from everyone. Also, I believe their prices are in the same range as Apex quoted you.