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Ridgid 8" Dado Insert - HELP!

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  • Ridgid 8" Dado Insert - HELP!

    I have the Ridgid TS3650 Table Saw and recently bought the 8" Ridgid Dado Insert, Ridgid P/N AC-1030. The outside of the package states it can be used on "ALL 10" RIDGID TABLE SAWS". However, when you read the manual it states that it is for "Model TS-2412, 2420".

    According to the Manual for the TS3650, the correct PN for an 8" Dado insert for this saw is Ridgid P/N AC-1040...which I can't find online nor in stores.

    I'm confused. Again, the packaging states that it's for all Ridgid 10" Table Saws, the manual states it's intended use is for two specific models, and the P/N that is in the Saw Manual is different still.



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    That part was probably manufactured and packaged before the 3650 ever existed. My guess is that it was packaged even before the 3612 existed as it will also fit that saw. The 8" dado insert for your saw, PN AC1040, was hard to find for awhile but I believe they are more readily available now. HD can order you one if they don't have them in stock.
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      The 1040 took the number change to depict the difference between the ones manufactured by Ridgid, and the new ones by OWT. That is the only difference. I bought one almost 2 years ago for my TS2424. It should work just fine.
      Dave is correct on the packaging, not even the 2424 is listed, so packaging is quite old, close to 4 years.
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        Thank you! So you both feel that the AC-1030 will work with the TS3650, exen though the TS3650 manual specifically lists the AC-1040 as being the correct 8" Dado Insert?

        - Lyman


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          I bought the 1030 also and found that it doesn't work for the 3650. The local HD doesn't have the new one, so I made my own. Ended up making a couple extra's also, one for dados, one for zero clearance, and another for molding head. I used 1/2" maple and just traced around the original insert. Then cut out with my jigsaw(cuz I don't have a bandsaw yet ). Then used spray adhesive to stick the original to the new one and trimmed around it with a flush bit on the router table.


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            OOPS, forgot, also had to cut a small piece of wood and screw it to the bottom reaer of the new inserts for where the tab indexes into the slot at the rear of the table


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              I also made my own inserts out of hardwood. Dustgenerator has a good method. I used double sided tape instead of adhesive and trimmed the little tab with a coping saw to fit. Why spend $15 +/- on something you can so easily make yourself? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                Thanks everyone. Prior to reading your Posts I spoke with Ridgid customer service a few moments ago and they confirmed that the AC-1030 will NOT work with the TS3650. They also said that they AC-1040 8" Dado Insert is on b/o for ten to fifteen business days. T/S told me that no aftermarket parts (E.g., Sears, et al) are available.

                I'll attempt to make one myself, albeit the Catch-22 is that I'm a novice to woodworking. Should be interesting...<grin>

                Thanks to everyone for your help!