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Saw is not square?

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  • Saw is not square?

    Has anyone founde the saw does not cut square? I have the new ridgid table saw, and it is a very built saw, but it does not exactly square; and there not seem to be any adjustment feature to square the blade to the table/miter tracks/fence. Has anyone else experienced this? If so- have you found a solution?


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    Re: Saw is not square?

    Do you mean not square in height. Or not parallel to the mitre slot.
    The manual for the saw has adjustments to make the blade parallel to the mitre guage and also to make the blade 90degrees to the saw bed.
    You also need to make sure that the fence is parallel to the mitre slot.
    If you have done these it should be square and parallel to the table and mitre slot.
    I am just generalizing because I am not sure what you mean by square.


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      Re: Saw is not square?

      Sorry- I shoul have clarified that... The blade is not parallel to the miter slot or fence. I think I can fix the fence by shimming the slides but that doesn't square the blade to the miter slot. I'll check the manual again but I didn't see a solution. I may have missed it.

      Thanks for the reply though.


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        Re: Saw is not square?

        There should be 4 bolts that hold the trunnion assembly to the underside of the table. You can loosen them and adjust the blade to the miter slot. Until you get this right on, all other adjustments don't count. Everything needs to be referenced TO the miter slot since it is the only thing that is not adjustable.

        Also check to make sure the blade is not bent or wobbling due to a bent shaft or improperly machined faceplate on the shaft. If it is either, you will get a wrong reading every time you check the straightness of the blade to the miter slot. If you find the blade wobbling, you may need a dial indicator to check the wobble on the face plate that is on the shaft, where the blade goes up against. Some companies machine and thread the shaft, then press on the face plate. That is fine, but the plate MUST be re-surfaced true once it's pressed on. (learned that from a machinist buddy of mine.)

        I like to first make 100% sure that the fence is exactly parallel to the miter slot before testing the blade straightness. (the longer the distance you can check, the better off you are. Checking from the front and back of the blade to the slot is not accurate enough for me.)
        Once the fence is parallel to the slot and you have verified that the blade is running true, place a long metal bar (a good square works fine) against the blade, being careful not to catch odd teeth. If the blade has left and right leaning teeth, put the bar/square against two "right leaning" teeth. Then slowly move the fence towards the bar/square and check it. I keep mine within a few thousands of being parallel. Once the blade/trunnion are parallel to the miter slot, you are good to go.

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          Re: Saw is not square?

          What is the saw model?

          The 3650 has 6 trunnion bolts as well as a micro adjuster on the back center bolt, and the instructions are in the owners manual. (pages 23 & 24 in mine and starts the topic as "Checking Heeling Adjustment or Parallelism of Sawblade to Miter Gauge Groove".

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            Re: Saw is not square?

            While adjusting, keep in mind, it's safer to have the angle between the fence and blade a tiny bit open, certainly better than a little closed, often the open width is described as a couple of business cards.