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What's good in routers and jigsaws? New and Vintage

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  • What's good in routers and jigsaws? New and Vintage

    Right now I'm looking at the Milwaukee 2.25 HP plunge and fixed base kit for a router and the Bosch barrel-grip for a jigsaw. I live in a 1-bedroom so space and portability are considerations, but mostly I like the way these tools are reviewed by the publications and the users.

    Also, I just discovered that Chicago has a rather massive flea market scene that's just oozing with old power tools, apparently. Can anybody recommend some good vintage tool choices that were popular enough that I might find them?

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    Re: What's good in routers and jigsaws? New and Vintage

    I have several routers, including Milwaukee. I would recommend it (pretty much all Milwaukee tools are really good and very rugged) or the Porter Cable, which is my workhorse.

    The only thing about some of these routers is the power switch. My first router about 30+ years ago was a Craftsman 1 hp. I still have it, works great. The switch was integrated to the handle. On other routers, there is a separate toggle or rocker switch. That's OK, but if you're used to the Sears style, you have to learn to make a habit of checking the power switch before plugging the tool in. Routers can be dangerous.

    As for the jig saw, I needed a new one and after looking at all the name brand ones, I just got a Milwaukee 6268. Good machine, but I don't use the plastic zero clearance blade insert thing. Makes the cut line harder to see, and with the proper blade I don't get splintering, even on plywood. Other than that I like the tool a lot. Quite heavy, runs very smooth, all adjustments are great, has an LED light that is actually useful and a little blower to clear chips from the cut line.