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Sealing Contractors type saw for Dust Collection

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  • Sealing Contractors type saw for Dust Collection

    I have a Craftsman contractors type table saw that I've been fighting with trying to seal for dust collection. I used the 14x14 4" dust collection hood and sealed the remainder of the bottom with 1/8" alum. plate I had laying around. The back was sealed with 1/8" oak door skin I had in the garage, cut out for all the mechanisms to move in there acrh. The area around the slot for the angle screw mechanism was sealed with 2" wide rubber, slotted for the screw to move thru and rivited to the case. That left the area between the saw case and the bottom of the table. I sealed this today with "Great Stuff" spray insluation.
    Took up the gap of axp. 1/4" with no problem. Didn't even make that big of a mess.
    Now, all (most) air should be pulled thru the throat plate/insert.
    Rob Johnson
    Orange Ca.
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!