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  • TS2424 Assembly

    After a few evenings of carefully assembling my new TS2424 saw I am happy to report that the saw runs perfectly and all parts fit together nicely. The instructions were clear, concise and easy ste-by-step. I am pleased to say that I had less trouble putting together this saw than a few swing-sets of years past....I only was missing 1 lock washer, 1 flat washer out of the whole process. I would say it's important to check and count parts during assembly. But overall Ridgid rocks !!!

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    Tony: I have to agree. I also found the TS2424 easy to assemble (with the exception of aligning the blade to the miter slot, but that was more user error )

    I bought the 13" planer last week and was surprised to see, when I opened the box, all of the nuts and bolts snuggled up in a package similar to what batteries come in. Just punch out the perforations in the back and pull the pieces out as you need them. No digging around. No counting. Everything there at your fingertips.

    Serious props to Ridgid for being so user friendly, while still offering exceptional performance.


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      Thanks, we try ...