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  • Respirator Last Question

    One last question on respirators. The one I received is a half mask. I wear prescription bifocal safety glasses, when I put on the respirator my glasses ride high and I can only see through the bifocal. Anyone else dealing with this? Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks Pat

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    Re: Respirator Last Question

    I'm not sure what a computer tech needs a half face respirator for, and I ain't gonna ask.

    Are we talking about a true respirator or a dust mask?

    PPE should be issued by the employer and if a half face respirator (not a dust mask) does not work for you maybe go with a full face and get the eyeglass inserts w/bifocals made to your Rx. The employer is responsible for the cost of this items.
    They are also responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the respirators, AND for providing the required training to you before you can use the respirator. If you have not been trained AND fit tested, you should not be using a respirator of this type.

    Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR 1910.134)
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      Re: Respirator Last Question

      You wouldn't believe what you can find inside some of those machines .
      I've been trying to get out to the shop more often and am concerned about the lone term effects of cutting, sanding and finishing wood. I'd like to find a solution that won't break the bank, hopefully under $100-$125.


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        Re: Respirator Last Question

        Between my dust collector and shop vac hooked to saws etc and a filter hanging from the ceiling I feel most of my dust is collected so I only use a dust mask and then only when sanding. I would like to get one of those portable Shop Vac filters for my work bench to use when sanding.

        Just had my lungs tested by an industrial physicians group for work - 97% capacity. Not bad for 62 years old.