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    I been looking to buy a dust collector and have narrowed by search to two Penn State Industries collectors, the DC1BXL-1M (850CFM) and the DC2-1M (1100CFM).

    I have a 20'L x 20'W x 9'H garage workshop with Ridgid TS,JP,DP and PL, Grizzly G0555 and Makita 10" miter. I don't use the garage for vehicles.

    I only plan to use one machine at a time.


    Would the DC2-1M be over kill?

    Would it work to only use 4" Flex tubing or should I run as much 4" Metal ducting as possible with drop offs to Flex tubing?


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    I am by no stretch of the imagination a knowledgeable expert of dust collectors but it would seem logical that more CFM's is better. I don't really think the running of one machine at a time is as important as the total distance that you have to suck the dust and the tightness of your system.
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      I too have been studying dust collection.

      And Dave is correct. If running only one machine at a time. Location of blast gates, distance, diameter, and duct material all play a part in the equation.

      You can maximize air flow, and lower the units rated CFPM, however, you must invest in blast gates, larger diameter main runs, and limit flex tubing length.

      Is it worth it? My opinion: Yes. The FDA has declared wood dust a cancer causing agent in long term exposure. The better the dust collection, the less you breath. The larger particles from planers and jointer is of little concern in this area. It's more from sanding, and cutting things like particle board.

      I have a crap dust collection system, but use dust masks regularly. Finanaces at this point are dictating my route of solution.

      Opinion: It's better to invest in a supreme duct system, than it is a dust collector.
      Reasoning: Duct will be at least twice as much as the collector. The collector will be more effecient at any size with proper duct. Larger collector can be added when affordable. It's less expensive to upgrade the collector, than the duct.

      This is just my opinion on what I have investigated, and IS the route I will take.
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        If you are thinking about dust collection you have to study these two sites. Cyclone & Dust Collection Research and Terry Hatfield's dust elimnator site.

        I have read many, many dust collection threads. The best one I read was guy who started out with $150 DC. He tracked all the money he had spent on upgrades and then compared that to the total cost of putting in a real cyclone system trapping down to 1 micron particles.

        You might also look at Wood Sucker and

        Let us all know what you end up doing.


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          I'm currently saving my pennies for an Onieda system. After some research on my own, I feel comfortable going with the Onieda. Sure it's a bit more expensive, but as Woody stated, with wood being considered a carcinogen, I figure it's money well spent.



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            Thanks you guys for your input. It certainly would be nice to have the cyclone but money is tight and "The Boss" wants some return on investments. I think for the amount of time I will be using my shop (probably 1 day a week for a couple of hours)if I am lucky, it is probably better at this point to go with something smaller with 1 micron bags. "Something is better than nothing". If I position the collector correctly I can reduce my run and fittings. Plus I have everything mobile and can "Plug and Play" until I either retire or get a bigger workshop.



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              If you really want to save some money the infamous HF DC, still at $120 for phone ordering takes some beating. Like most of the DC's around ex-China, gives about 1100CFM 1 1/2HP, although specs state higher numbers. Grizzly offers a 0.3 micron 20" dia bag for $20. Works out at less than half of the Penn State package, and will work for your limited time in the shop, and until you can justify the Cyclone!




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                I bought the 1 hp penn-state 5 um dust collector and attach it to one machine at a time. It works flawlessly.

                It seems that most people try to go with a central dust collection system. Since my budget did not allow me to buy a unit large enough to support this, or a cyclonic system, and my wife was sick of saw dust all over the garage, I needed a quick and cheap solution. However, after buying it, I decided that it was not such a bad choice. In the future, if I get tired of carting around the DC from machine to machine, I will buy another one and have a semi-central dust collection system for ~$400. In my opinion, I think people go overboard with dust collection systems.


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                  I saw the thread on the WoodNet site about the HF 2HP DC at $119 if you called the order in. I called and HF would NOT sell it to me for that price. They said that promotion was over and the price was $199. If you play "Order Through Printed Catalog" numbers game, I think you can get it for $149.
                  I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.