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    I'm still kinda of new to this but i bought the hickory 25 bit set from HD for $88.00 have used them for about 1 1/2 now and like them just fine they cut good no burns no chips.
    Great for a starter set


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      Porter Cable makes some very good Routers in a variety of price ranges and they currently have a $25 or $50 Rebate depending on what you purchase. This Rebate is good through the end of April. They currently have the 893PK ($249.00) which includes a Plunge Base as well.

      If possible, purchase a Router that will have both 1/4" and 1/2" Collets; not all makes do.

      As far as Bits go, obviously go Carbide and avoid the HSS (High Speed Steel). The Bits recommended in this Post should all work fine. When possible, purchase a Bit with a 1/2" Shank. There's more for the Collet to grab onto and the price delta really isn't that much more.

      Like yourself, I just have begun to work with Routing - I've been away from it for years - and no longer profess to have anywhere near the knowledge that the others in this Forum do. I'll state for the historical record that there's some very solid advice available through those that Post here.

      Also, I did pickup a patently excellent book: "Woodworking With The Router" by American Woodworker. (ISBN #0-7621-0227-6). You can get a glimpse of it at Amazon:

      Hewood hit the nail on the head re Craftsman; I couldn't agree more; they aren't what they used to be. I'l also agree with GW on the Bit Kits...I think you'll find 80% of those within the Kits make good paperweights. Just my .02.

      Good luck!