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Anyone get their Riser Block for their Bandsaw Yet?

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  • Anyone get their Riser Block for their Bandsaw Yet?

    Ok, I first have to appoligize to the group. I was the one that told you that the Riser Blocks were finally in and shipping. Got that piece of information from a Customer Service person. Apparently this is was a piece of mis-information that I received. The only consulation that I have at this particular time is that Larebow was told the same thing and that they would have their block by 1/26/2004. See thread:;f=5;t=002043

    I got my credit card statement yesterday and there were the charges from Billou's for the riser block kit and fence. At first I thought Cool. Then I saw that the post date was 12/31/2003. NOT COOL! Being in law enforcement and investigations I have some knowledge of the law. 30 days is up tomorrow and by the Consumer Protection Act a company is not allowed to charges someone for a product unless that product is delived within 30 days. That is tomorrow.

    So I called Billou's and after an entire day of trying to find my order. The screwed up my phone number/customer number I was informed that the riser blocks are still on Factory Back order and that they had not sent my fence because they were waiting for the block.

    Needless to say, we had a come to Jesus meeting over the charges. My fence is shipping today and I will be credited with the cost of the riser block. Upon the reciept of the block kit they will then charge me and ship it. I have faith that this will transpire. The other thing good about being a cop is knowing the state recording laws. Yes I have a tape recording of the conversations.

    Now that I am done ranting, I would like to know if anyone got their riser block since my post of 1/20/2004? My curiosity is two fold. First to see if any kits came and secondly, I have an uncle who is a seinor V.P. with Emerson Electronics in St. Louis. He is in the TV/electroincs division, but I'm betting they all know each other. So I'm thinking of writing him an e-mail about the situation to try and find out who might be incharge of the tool division. It is my understanding that Emerson still owns the Ridgid name, they have just quit producing the woodworking power tools.
    I came...<br /><br />I saw...<br /><br />I changed the plans.

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    Sorry for my terrible spelling in the above post. I am a little Pissed Off right now over the whole incident.
    I came...<br /><br />I saw...<br /><br />I changed the plans.


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      I ordered mine in December. It arrived today! Can't install it until I move in about 1 month.


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        Mines on the way looked up the tracking number
        and found that it left portland at 4:30am so it may be waiting for me to pick it up.
        When I called to see what the problem was they said it was being heald up by natural disaster.


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          STILL WAITING. Called Ridgid and was told the Riser kits had been shipped to distributers and should arrive by the 26th of Jan. Ridgid said they were already out of the Risers that had come in. Waited until the 30th of Jan. to call the distributer to see if our order had been shipped and they had not received any Riser Kits. Thought maybe the ice storm had delayed delivery to me but if the distributor hasn't gotten them then where are they?


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            Just noticed that the two positive reports about getting Riser Blocks are on the west coast. That doesn't sound good for me even though I have been waiting almost 5mo. Yes, 5 Months.


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              Billiou's in Porterville, CA had some... 6 in stock, but 8 on order (against the stock).

              So we are -2 for the west coast.


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                If anyone is interested I have a Ridgid riser block kit that I'd be willing to sell. I got it for a HF bandsaw, but I'd have to make some modifications to use the Ridgid kit. I'd just as soon order and wait for a HF riser kit. A little paint has been rubbed off the guide rod but the kit is new and mint otherwise.

                PM me if interested.



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                  This is just FYI.

                  There is a riser block kit on ebay ->



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                    Well installed the riser block.
                    Took out the blade guide assembly and something shot me in the hand,hmm I said and decided to read the instructions and discovered that there was a spring and ball bearing in there.
                    Found it about 15 min later put the riser block on only to find out its alignment posts and holes are wrong!!!!
                    Now my wheels are no longer co planer.
                    Its off about 3/32.
                    How much will this effect the saw the blade is still square.Should I shim the wheel?


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                      FYI, I just called & my riser block shipped out on Tuesday. According to UPS, it will be here on Monday 02/09/04. I ordered right after Thanksgiving.



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                        Ordered my riser block in Mid January and recieved it today from Ordertree. Came UPS ground and was shipped Tuesday. I am in Michigan if that helps. Looks like they are on the way-if only it would warm up a bit so I could install it and get back into the shop.


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                          I finally received mine yesterday. I ordered it in October. Hopefully I will get it installed this weekend.


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                            Hi Larebow,

                            I found the same thing that the pins on the riser block didn't seem to line up correctly with the holes on the saw. There is an Arrow (I think its an arrow) on the block. That has to 1. Point up
                            2. Be on the side of the saw where the motor is, ie. on the back.

                            I originally put the block on backwards and my wheels were way out of alignment, possibly like yours.

                            Check out your installation as I've described above.

                            I hope this helps.



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                              I got my riser block today. Will install it tomorrow and pay attention to details that have been mentioned in other posts. Thanks for the information.