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    I have read this forum for months now every single day. Not once can I recall anyone saying anything about the usefulness or versatility of their scroll saw. It appears to me everyone is using the band saw to replace the scroll saw. My scroll saw was the very first Ridgid tool I purchased and I use it more than any other tool. When I became disabled I still could manage a little time on the scroll saw on a regular basis so realistically my scroll saw is what convinced me to start doing woodworking since my career was over. And because of its performance and this forum I have bought nothing but Ridgid power tools. The shop is still not finished because I can only do a little at the time and have to depend on others for some of it. And you know how that goes. But soon I hope to have everything in the shop and up and running. But my question is, does anyone out here use their scrollsaw anymore?

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    I use my scroll saw often. It's not a Ridgid, It's a Dewalt I bought long before I discovered Ridgid tools. I will say that my last 2 tools in a row have both been Ridgid (planer and jointer and I plan on more )

    Back to the scrollsaw. During the holidays I use my saw to stack cut pictures and ornaments for Christmas gifts and the rest of the year I use it to make templates for any project with curves(I hate curves and they hate me).

    I recently used it on a project that called for a 3 1/2 Forstner bit. Who can afford a $150 bit for one project. So I used the scroll saw and 2 pieces of wood laminated after the large cut was made. That's one of many reasons I love the scroll saw. (When this one wears out I will try the Ridgid.)

    I hope to one day use it to do Intarsia but I'm not quite that accurate with it yet.


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      I have the scroll saw for about a year now and love it. I've been dabbling with some intrasia and some small kids projects and would not trade my Rigid scroll saw for anything. Not that I would trade any tools for anything anyway. I had a delta at first that broke the first time I used it, returned that and picked up the Rigid a few days later. This was my first rigid tool. I'll admit I was first attracted to the lifetime warranty, but I've enjoyed the way the scroll saw works and have no trouble changing blades and the variable speed is great.


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        I do not use it very often but when I do its the greatest and a Ridgid too. It got knockedm of of the work table once and I almost cried, surprise NO DAMAGE..Dick Nelson


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          I got a Ridgid scroll saw about 3 years ago, actually I got it for my wife. She and my son use it often, I use it ocasionally. We all think it is a really great tool. My wife is a lot more at home welding sculptures than wood working.

          I lust for a band saw but generally for resawing and such.

          Great tool, great forum too !