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    Hi: I was looking at the Ridgid Jointer today as well as the General. I'm favouring the Ridgid although I'd prefer a longer table and am looking for any feedback positive or negative. Thanks for any help.

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    I think, having just gone through this, the General has the longest 6" jointer bed except for the Powermatic. Only thing I have against the Ridgid, is that it's bed height seems to be the lowest around and my back doesn't like bending.

    I was looking for one of the old grey line Ridgids, but none of the HDs near me offered a discount as other stores had on the old line. Also, at the time, Ridgid customer service was not getting good marks. FYI---I bought the Delta X-5 at 10% off, plus a free tool (worth $130) and coupon book---$495-$130 (for a router I needed anyway) == net $365.


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      Ross - As with any critical tool, I like to compare features and make a list of pros and cons of each. You've already mentioned the longer beds of the General. I suspect they come at a higher cost? I guess I'd be weighing the value of that extra length vs price.

      How close is the nearest General dealer to you? That's something that I'd at least ponder a bit. If he's close by, I suspect I'd consider the extra $100 or so money well spent for the bigger machine.


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        As a general rule you can successfully straighten a board twice the lenght of you jointer table. Whats the longest board you figure you will run through it and divide by two, if that number is smaller than the lenght of the jointer table you are looking at it will suit your needs nicely.