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    Hey all,
    I was working in the shop over the weekend, building a new file cabinet. Came time to assemble all the pieces. I put the glue into the dadoes and noticed that the glue seemed very watery. It is a brand new bottle of Tightbond. When purchased, I didn't notice that it was an interior/exterior glue. I've used befor this project, but it didn't seem watery to me.

    Because the sides of the cabinet are going to have medallions put on to match the desk, I face nailed the dust panel into the dadoes with 18 ga brads as well as the glue. It seems to be holding, but not sure if the glue will be good in the long run.

    I know that alot of you guys use tight bond, and was wondering if this is normal. This is the first bottle of the stuff that I bought. Usually buy what is on sale.

    Thanks in advance for any info


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    I have not had any issues with this glue being wattery. It should be a little thicker than Elmer's wood glue.



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      If it freezes it may separate when it thaws. The bottle I had said 'not harmed by freezing' so I stirred it up and all was fine