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rigid drill press issue

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  • rigid drill press issue

    Hi all, decided to come on here to vent for a moment while I'm waiting for the bleeding to stop. Purchased one of the Harry Homeowner drill presses from the local Home depot or lowes (don't remember) but it's a model dp15000. The issue is with the MT2 taper used to hold the chuck. I don't know whats wrong but if the tool hangs and has room to move left or right, the MT2 taper has a nasty habit of pulling out. This of course results in the workpiece being destroyed, the tool being damaged, the chuck being damaged and anything the tool (thats still spinning at 1500rpm)happens to hit. Has happened many times and this time was the last. Once I get my hand put back together, it's going to the dump.

    Anyone else had this issue.