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    Hi folks going to be going out and buying a 12 inch miter saw soon and wanted to hear what you have to say about the Ridgid 12 inch miter saw. Having a hard time making up my mind here on what to buy. Can't really afford a Dewalt. I do know that Emerrson is one of the best motors going. I also think Emerson is making Dewlats motors. Well will wait till I hear what you folks suggest. I do a lot of woodworking outside like deck building, gazebos, ext. Taker easy. George
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    I have the Bosch and have used it for the past two years. Its a good 12" saw for the money in my opinion.



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      Unless HD has changed the price point for the Ridgid MS1250, there is a negligible difference in price between the Ridgid and Dewalt ($10-20). In fact, when I bought my Ridgid 12" the deciding factor for me was the lifetime warranty and inclusion of a Universal Leg Stand. I have been very happy with mine.

      However, if the Ridgid Warranty is going the way of the dinosaur and the leg stand is not included, then it is a tossup between the Ridgid and Dewalt. Features are virtually identical. I personally like the mitre adjustment on the Dewalt better, but as I said the warranty was hard to pass up.
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        Leg stands were still included with the saw last time I wes at HD (yesterday).
        I have the MS1250 and so far I've been very pleased with it. All adjustments were right on straight out of the box.
        The Ridgid also comes with a work clamp, a real handy thing to have.
        Rob Johnson
        Orange, Ca.
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          I have the 12” PC; it is a well-built tool that has seen a lot of use in the last year and a half. A nice feature that may be of interest to you is that it is dimensioned so that a stand may be quickly built out of 2x4’s and the working surface will be at the same height as the stand providing support for your lumber. On the down side, it weighs approximately 65 pounds and is not the easiest thing to haul to the job site. Good luck with your search.