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  • Kudo's to Harbor Freight

    I received an air compressor from a friend of mine. It was payment for letting him use my truck for moving over the weekend.

    When he dropped my truck off he had a air compressor from Harbor Freight and told me I could have it. When I plugged it up, it ran for about 45 minutes and still wasn't full of air. I then realized why he gave me the thing.

    I called Harbor Freight and to make a long story short. The manager told me to bring it in and for $19.95 I walked out with a new compressor and a two year warrenty.

    I thought that was pretty good considering I had no reciept for the thing.

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      well in my opinion if you had to pay harbor freight to warranty one of their items, thats a problem. dont get me wrong, i have bought some items from harbor freight before. most notably a milwaukee 3 piece pathfinder bit set for 19.95 internet special...cost me 23 bucks with shipping. but for the most part i steer clear. i once was under the impression a bar clamp is a bar clamp and bought a bunch of their pittsburgh clamps with a lifetime warranty. the clamps and the warranty went in the recycle bin. sorry guys. i am a all about a lifetime warranty, but if i have to see you every weekend because i need soemthing replaced under warranty and it seems to be the same thing every week, it is not worth my time, gas, or money


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        So far, out of a half dozen, only had one of the bar clamps go to the dump.

        I will say, regardless of what any of us may think of HF, they certainly do stand behind their products---usually, no questions asked---though the question you do have to ask----is it worth your time to have to return junk that doesn't work, until you get a good unit?

        Hey---I hit the HF store about every other month, just to look around and to stock up on disposable gloves, acid brushes, green scrubby pads and the like----also made a nice score on some plastic storage bins (reorganizing my parts/screws storage), which have been great.

        But, I've yet to buy anything that has a cord on it or where the quality (or lack of same) could be a safety issue----for example, I've had good quality saw blades loose teeth---hate to think what their blades would do.

        Remember the universal mobile bases they used to sell? (copies of the Delta)----under any heavy weight, they would twist and shift because unlike Delta, they didn't weld the corners together.


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          Well this is one of the reasons i have quit buying some craftsman items as well (hand tools). yes they have a lifetime warranty, and replace them no questions asked, but they put their name on some items that are just pieces of ****. their combination squares come to mind. i can not tell you how many i have returned because for whatever reason they refuse to remain square. their back saw is another. also their framing/rip hammer's. the waffles on them wear out quickly, and i have had my last two california framer's chip. everyone makes some things good, other things not so good.

          hf is the same way...except they have a cheaper product. but if they back it 110% i guess it is all in what you are willing to go through when you need warranty service.

          the reason i like harbor freight is that every now and then they get some close out items or some reconditioned items milwaukee, makita, dewalt, etc. i have not in and of itself been impressed with their chicago electric or their central machinery lines of tools, although i will tell you what. the chicago electric corded impact wrench seems to be a decient tool. i have a carpenter friend that builds decks. he tried the cordless versions and hated them. since he only drives a few carrige bolts per deck he could not see justifying spending a hundred or more on a "good" one. i introduced him to harbor freight and he got a half inch chicago electric for eihter 49 or 69 bucks (i dont remember), and for the amount of use it gets, and what it gets used for, it serves him quite well and i was quite impressed with its quality and performance.

          I used to live near camirillo california and would frequent HF's main showroom almost weekly. and would do so for a lot of the same items as you (acid brushes, foam brushes for stain, etc). cant beat the price on those items.

          they are opening a HF up in NW indiana so it will be nice to be able to go again and avoid shipping costs.

          you know something though, now that i think about it, the quality of a lot of their woodworking stuff (router bits, etc) appears to be the same as the items sold by rockler under their name! rockler seems to be a little better quality but their house brand in my opinion is not quality per se.


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            Yeah, to my mind, there's getting to be too much of the same stuff sold by different outlets----at a ww'ing show, HF or other places, I see a set of 1/4" shank, no-name router bits and just cringe. Didn't know they had a big store in Cammerillo---wasn't the state mental institution there.

            About 15 years ago, lost everything I owned in a fire---including a load of tools. When the insurance paid off, dumb me---went in to Sears and practically replaced all my tools. At that time, most of the hand tools were still pretty good and after that time the only thing that gave out was my 3/8" drive ratchet---the combo square is still pretty close to right on. But the power hand tools were junk----only one that lasted was the finishing sander, which I hardly use----Still have the Emerson built table saw, which is still going strong. Sad when good tools go bad.


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              This would be the first time I have dealt with HF. I was impressed that they took a compressor back that I got second hand.

              I did walk around the store and look at all the power tools and how ironic it is that I walked out with a few of the same clamps and did not want to get close to anything with a cord.

              Is it true that they handle some Grizzley products?


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                Space, Some Rockler router bits are Amana, which are hardly low end and are not HF's house brand. Alot of the other rockler house brand stuff does look like some HF stuff. The big difference is that rockler will let you return something that has nothing wrong with it if you don't like it, with HF there needs to be something wrong with it. When rockler has a sale the house brand is about the same price as HF.


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                  e-bar----I've never seen any Griz' products at the store or in their ads. What you my be thinking of is that Amazon is now an "agent" for Griz'----you order something thru Amazon and it's billed and shipped from Griz'. No savings, etc.


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                    I must echo daveferg's advice. I go to HF for disposible brushes, razor blades, wire brushes etc... Their 4.99 mason's tool kit has lasted me about a year( 20-25 projects). I also have 16 bar clamps that are used almost daily and still work great-some are about 2 years old. I got a set of iron/rubber wheels that worked out great for a wood rack. However, like daveferg I would never buy anything with a cord from them. A guy I work with insists on buying Chicago angle grinders. He goes through about 5 or 6 every year.


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                      I've bought several corded tools from HF and not had any problems. In fact I've gotten my money out of them at least twice. For the do it yourselfer who needs a project tool they're good. The paint equipment and compressors have done me good.

                      As for return policy, they took back three items from me at their cost of freight b/c I didn't like them (cheap) with no questions asked. Another time a set of halogen lights came without a part and they sent me a new set, without returning the old one. Another time I ordered a set of cast iron extension wings for $30 for me TS2412 and it took 10 weeks to deliver and they sent me two 10% discount tickets and the quality of the wings is top notch.

                      I'd highly recommend them!