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Joint'R Clamp?

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  • Joint'R Clamp?

    Since I don't own a jointer, I have to be inventive about getting a nice edge on my boards. Up to now, I've developed a way to joint on the router table, which works great.

    But then I found out about the "Joint'R Clamp" device, which is a device that does jointing on the table saw.

    Seems like it would work for 1x, perhaps plywood. But I would be hesitant to use it on rough lumber.


    Here's a link to the device:

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    I have one and have used it on rough lumber. It works well with a good rip blade. I wouldn't use it on anything more than 4feet long, doesn't do such a good job then. On plywood it depends on the quality of the plywood on how good a job it does.
    I have a jointer now and have no need for it. If you want it you can have it for $8 including shipping.


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      I will take it. That is definitely a bargain.