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MS1060 at $149 - a good saw ?

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  • MS1060 at $149 - a good saw ?

    The price sounds good, and would like to get a new MS. Are the stops on this saw accurate , and what do any of you that have this saw think of it ?
    Can anyone comment on the good the bad and the ugly of this machine ?
    thanks -


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    MS1060 was the first Ridgid machine I purchased. Used it exclusively to add the connector to the shop and garage, and all that was involved in setting up my shop last year. It came perfectly set up from the box. It's the most used piece of equipent I have in my shop, but fastly falling 2nd to the table saw.

    I checked it's alignment settings last weekend. What a easy piece of machinery to set up. Darn powerful too. I've cut 4x6's with it, and 1x1/2 moldings. Start up torque is awesome, hard to slow this thing down.

    I've had mine over a year, and it's stayed tuned through all the crap it's seen, and have no problem with using it for finish cuts, or rough demensional construction grade cuts.

    10" blades are about 1/3 the cost of 12" blades.
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      Was at HD looking it over again yesterday. With the holidays coming up, am thinking maybe I can make do with the cheapo MS I have now, and get the newly released MS1065LZ ( think I have that right ) for about $50 more instead. Sure looks like a sweet machine. Hopefully HD will demo one for me...
      thx woody-

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        Last night I was going back and forth from the 10" to the 12". Since I know that I'm getting a new TS in a month or two, $219 for the 12" was a tough sell, so I got the 1060. The best part was the price--$100! It was tucked under a radial arm saw, and the box had clearly gotten quite wet. I opened it to check it out, everything seemed fine, so I bought it. Even though it won't handle lumber quite as big as the 12", I'm thinking I got a pretty good deal!


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          The only thing I dont like about the ridgid MS is that the miter gauge is fixed and not adjustable. If you look at other saws on the market they all have some type of adjustable miter gauge that makes fixing it very easy


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            I has the MS1060 in the beginning and loved to use it however setting up shop and getting into more complicated projects like cabinet doors and such, I opted to go for the shabang daddy of them all and bought an RS 1000 radial arm saw 10'...
            Its expensive but its a table saw for ripping and cross cutting, has 60 deg mitering on either side and a yoke that rotates 90 degrees from 0 position...I sold my MS1060 in a heat beat and after aligning my RS and making the first cut - I fell in well the RS came with a mouldering dado and three very nice knife set as tongue and groove...
            The RS is an investment but I found that if you are serious about your projects and want one tool to do it all - best buy it from the start because sooner or'll want another and if you opt for an RS or TS...your MS will gather dust.
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              First off, Steve G, you did get an excellent deal, you will not be disapointed I'm sure.

              Second, Bo_hamrick, others have adjustable miter gauges because they DO need fixed. Ridgids have a indicator that is adjustable. That's all that is needed, beyond a perfectly simplex system to set the stops, which auto aligns the gauge. Neat idea aye?

              Last but not least, I have a TS, RAS, & MS. All get their fair share of use in my shop. Example: Thursday night I was sub contracted to construct 3-5'x5'x19" rooftop curbs for skylights. 2x6 frame w/16"oc verticals, walled with 3/4" plywood, all treated. I set up a stop and used the MS for sizing the 2x6's. Next I ripped the sheets using the dual fence on my TS. Then I cut the rips of plywood to length on the RAS. All fell into place perfectly.

              Although all the operations I did could have been done on either on the RAS or TS, the MS prevailed more effecient in time than the other 2.

              Nope, would not give up my 1060, not even when I plung for the 1290.

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                Re: MS1060 at $149 - a good saw ?

                Just had my brother give me his MS1060.....he's lost the owners manual....any idea where I can find one online? I tried the site and the search gave me nothing.


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                  Re: MS1060 at $149 - a good saw ?

                  Originally posted by mything2 View Post
                  Just had my brother give me his MS1060.....he's lost the owners manual....any idea where I can find one online? I tried the site and the search gave me nothing.
                  Here you go:

                  That sure was easy for the repair manual. Now lets see if we can find the owners manual.

                  Here we go:

                  That'll be $20.00
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