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CDX plywood for Shop Cabinets???

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  • CDX plywood for Shop Cabinets???


    I found a local salvage dealer here in Dallas, TX, who salvages used Plywood and dimensional lumber.

    I know abit about plywood but not more than a general understanding. This stuff is called CDX Plywood. They are selling it for $6/9/15 for 1/2, 3/4 and 1" 4x8 sheets... it does have nail holes and probably has imperfections on it.

    Still it is worth $9 for 3/4" 4x8... since Birch goes for $38 at the cheepest...

    I have a few questions:

    1) I know the price is right, but is this good for building some shop cabinets? I could save big $$ since birch is $55 to $70 a sheet!!! $38 at Lowes...

    2) What the heck is CDX?

    3) Anyone have a good description of the various types of plywood? I know there is the pressed scrap version, and what I know as 7-ply...

    Of course, I would use a good solid core door or a good counter of some type for the topper... I would probably buy the doors since they are a bit beyond my skill as a novice...

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    CDX is a construction grade plywood with exterior grade glue that is used mainly for wall and roof sheathing as well as underlayment. If the sheets arent warped or severely damaged, and if you do'nt mind how ugly it is, then yes you can use it for shop cabinets. Plywood is graded on a scale of A to D, with X meaning exterior glue. The CD means that one side is C rated and the other side is D rated. Birch plywood on the other hand is furniture grade and would make a much more attractive, albeit more expensive cabinet. Use the CDX and use the extra money for more tools. Goodluck.


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      All you could ask about plywood is probably answered at this web site.

      Which is sponsered by the American Plywood Association.

      Here's another for Redwood;

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