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TS2424 Assembly Issue??

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  • TS2424 Assembly Issue??

    I recently assembled my TS2424 and used it for my first project (cutting moulding). I am fairly new to woodworking.

    The miter attachment was great and I actually did some nice precision work.

    The Issue
    I am hearing/feeling a cyclic noise/vibration from the motor. It seems like the motor might not be aligned totally staight with the belt. The motor hangs down is restrained primarily by the belt, seemingly casuing the motor to pull to that side. I'm not positive, but that's where the noise seems to be coming from. The noise stops as soon as I turn the saw off (even though it is still spinning at almost full speed).

    Any thoughts?


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    You are correct in that the motor is essentially suspended by the belt per design.

    Go through the motor setup again.

    Check to make sure that the motor is straight in its mount (you need to pull straight back on it during the setup. But also double check to make sure that the pulleys are aligned.


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      Check this post out. Sounds like a similar question. Hope this helps.