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BS 1400 - To Detension or Not Detension

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  • BS 1400 - To Detension or Not Detension

    I am very pleased with my BS1400 Ridgid bandsaw. However, I was on Suffolk Machinery Corp. website (they sell bandsaw blades) and there was a story in their technical section that talked about detensioning bandsaw blades after using your machine and then retensioning when you are ready to use it again. Their claim is that the tension is hard on the wheels, the rubber on the wheels, the blade itself and so forth. So, what is everyone else's idea about this? Is this true? That is the question.

    Tom - Van Buren, AR

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    Tom--have read the same thing, and it was mentioned in a band saw class I took at Woodcraft. Sounds like a reasonable move.


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      I relieve the tension after using my BS. I believe it would make all the parts you mentioned last longer.

      Bob R


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        Thanks Dave and Bob. On one of the wood discussion groups I subscribe to, a guy has just discovered that his BS was having trouble with the tires, etc. The diagnosis was keeping the tension on the band all the time when not being used. Mine is loose till this afternoon! Thanks again,

        Tom Hill / Van Buren, AR