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What to do with log segments?

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  • What to do with log segments?

    I have about 100 pieces of ponderosa pine log. Each piece is about 1 to 2 feet long and 1 to 3 feet in diameter. Where I live this is about 5000 years worth of firewood. Besides firewood or milling, does anyone have any ideas for some use for this? Perhaps an idea for outdoor furniture, decorative or useful.

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    Here's what I did with the ones I found...the Pecans came from the park in front of our house. The Mulberry was one in my Grandmother's yard that I climbed when I was a kid. I drove by one day long after she had moved and saw it had been cut down and snagged two parts of it.

    The two dark tabletops are of a Maple, but it was sick and had dark rings on it so I stained it dark to hide them. I plan on replacing them soon cause they don't look natural.

    I'd like to learn how to carve them with like that sells for a premium around here!

    Tree stumps
    Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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      They would make good flower pots.
      Andy B.


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        Kelly, those look great. What did you finish the tops with?

        Andy, is there a quick way to hollow them out to use as flower pots?
        Thanks for the great ideas!


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          I wouls say a right angle grinder or chain saw.
          Andy B.