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TS2400 for $397.00 and dropping

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  • TS2400 for $397.00 and dropping

    The Home Depot I go to had these saws marked down to $450.00 this past weekend. There was a big outdoor sale and there were about 12 of them on pallets. I went in again a couple of days later and they were marked down to $397.00. I talked to a sales guy and he said they didn't sell any over the weekend. The Ridgid display area was in even worse shape than I posted earlier. I think something big is going on with Ridgid. This does not seem like just a regular "spring cleaning". I am now visiting HD every couple of days. I have noticed them clearing out various Ridgid merchandise and I have a feeling it's going to continue. All the Ridgid boxes have a lot of dust. The slow economy has made companies a lot less tolerant on slow moving products. I think this might be a good opportunity to get a discount before Ridgid goes to a web/special order scheme.

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    Mark. the price reduction could also be due to the fact that Porter Cable has just entered the fray with a very similar type saw and the list price was about $100 cheaper than the Ridgid. I think it also has outfeed and side tables available. I looked long and hard at the 2400 but ended up getting the 2424. Wouldn't mind having a 2400 in my garage though.