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TS 3612 setup & DP 1550 accessories

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  • TS 3612 setup & DP 1550 accessories

    This weekend I purchased a TS3612 and A DP1550 and I have two questions. I have yet to start one up, so they may be the first of many.

    I have seen, in this forum, mention of a set-up video being included in the box with the TS3612. I see no such video. Trust me, the saw parts and boxes are scattered all over my shop at the moment and there is no tape. Did I get gipped? Did I get a model that was packaged before the tapes started being put in? If I really needed the tape, would I have to order it from Ridgid?

    Of course I had to buy all the nifty new gear from the Borg. 24 of 25 that was assisting/assimilating me did not know what a mortising bit was nor could he tell me if they carried the Ridgid mortising kit for the drill press. I dug the accessory list out of the top of the demo model and after about half an hour I got up to the store manager. He said that since there was not an SKU # on the accessory list it was a special order item and it would take two to three weeks to get on in. All told, it took over two hours to drop over $1000. I finally told the "tool associate" and the manager that, if had not been for the Ridgid brand equipment, I would have taken my money to Lowes or Woodcraft. Sorry, didn't mean to get into another Borg discussion. The question is, where can I get the mortising kit for the DP1550? Can I buy direct from Ridgid or am I stuck with the two to three week wait for "The Box"?


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    Use the number in the insert for accessories and call ridgid for the mortising kit. I ordered mine in the morning (say monday for example) and 2 days later (say wednesday for example) at noon UPS delivered it.

    Congratulations on the purchase, you will truely be thrilled with both machines. The mortising kit however, has 3 aluminimum handles that seat upon 3 cast iron shafts. All have itty bitty teeth, and the first time you try and tighten them, the aluminum handles will strip. I never got a response from Ridgid's CS on it. I just went to the local Hardware store and replaced both with hardend bolts n nuts and use a 1/4" drive ratchet. It never moves on me.

    I know the borg is filled with mindless paychecks, but a little time spent looking over Ridgids woodworking site, and accessories pages will give you insite on what has to be ordered from Ridgid, and what is available in the stores. Do that first before ordering your mortising attachment. All shippments receive one low price, so combining them will save you a few bucks.

    And don't forget to take photo's. Photo's is what makes the world go round. The LOML proved that with my shop.
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      I assembled my TS3612 about a month or so ago and there was no tape with my saw either. You really don't need one though as the manual is very easy to follow and assembly can be easily accomplished by one person.

      It took me about 6-7 hours to put mine together but honestly, I purposely took my time to make sure I did it right the first time. (Read Directions Twice, Assemble Once.) It took very little tweaking to get the saw to dead-on.

      The only part of the saw that was not high end, in my opinion, was the factory supplied blade. It will make an OK ripping blade though. You may want to consider an after market blade or you may be happy with the factory blade.

      Enjoy you new saw, you made a very wise choice.
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        I don't ever remember there being any mention of a video with my 3612. That said, I worked on the table over two days for about 4 or 5 hours a day. It was a pleasure to use after fighting with a $200 craftsman saw. The directions are pretty straight forward and shouldbe no trouble as long as you read everything first.


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          Just be glad that you even found the DP1550 at your Borg. No Borg by me has it on display or in stock.

          I have all these HD gift certificates burning a whole in my pocket and wanted to spend them on the DP.

          Even trading e-mails with Jake the moderator here hasn't helped yet.

          Maybe, I'll just buy the Ryobi 12" 12 speed DP or a compressor.



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            Thanks Guys,

            This forum really sold me on these tools and I am very happy with the saw and press. The set up was very simple and the only thing that I needed to "readjust" was the blade square. It was cutting twice as the back end of the blade was 1/64 closer to the fence than was the front. I can tell how true the saw and fence are as such a small variance makes a big difference.

            BTW, I also bought a freud 8" dado blade set. WOW!! As God is my witness, I'll never route dados again. I've spent the last two days solid making sawdust and cleaning up (or playing acording to the LOML). As a result I have new shelves in my garage/shop and a cute little mitered box that I knocked out of some scrap in the shop. I'll get on the horn in the morning and get the mortising kit coming.

            Thanks again,

            P.S. Forget calling in the morning. Just ordered it online. It will be more that two days though. I really didn't want to pay as much for 2nd day air as I did for the kit.

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