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Height adj. knob keeps falling off TS2400

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  • Height adj. knob keeps falling off TS2400

    Just recently, the height adjustment knob has started randomly falling off my table saw. Luckily I haven't lost the little bolt that secures it, but I'm getting tired of having to re-attach the thing every time it vibrates off onto the floor.

    Anybody know of a solution to this problem?

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    I had a similar problem with my TS3612, I think. Are you saying the whole wheel comes off, or just the handle to turn the wheel? Actually, I'm not even sure the two saws have the same type of height adjustment knobs.

    Anyway, the handle kept falling off the wheel when I first put the saw together. I just tightened it down really good, and haven't had the problem since. However, if it happens again, I think I will try some Loc-Tite or something similar on the bolt.

    Not sure this helps you much, but I tried.



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      I think the handle IS the wheel on this model. The whole thing just vibrates right off. When I re-install it, I tighted the bolt down, but it's possible to tighten the bolt so much that you can just barely turn the wheel - which doesn't seem right. But if I leave it a little loose, it just falls off again after a few more minutes. Problem is worse if I have to raise/lower the blade frequently.


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        I looked at the assembly on the Ridgid Site:

        There really isn't much to it. Perhaps it's missing the lock washer?

        Next time it falls off, try a single drop of lock tight on it and let it sit over night, is all I can suggest.
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          How tight you tighten the center bolt on the on the center of that shaft should have no bearing on how hard the shaft is to turn. The center bolt simply tightens the handwheel to the shaft. There is no nothing behind the handwheel to cause it to tighten up. The outer wheel has a spring that forces it up against the handwheel, so there is plenty of give there.