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  • Trimmer or Router

    I am routing 1/8" straight slots 1/8" deep in 3/8" mdf. I have a full blown router, but picking up the r2400 trimmer it seems if it could handle the work it would save me some time and grant more control.

    So the question is - can the trimmer stand up to mdf?

    for the curious this is for a wooden (MDF) slot car track.

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    Re: Trimmer or Router

    Shouldn't be a problem at all. Might want to have a spare bit on hand in case the first one gets dull from the MDF. Just go slow, and don't push the trimmer too fast or too hard. It will do it just fine. Good luck,
    Jim Don


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      Re: Trimmer or Router

      Hi FangoWolf,

      An 1/8" slot that is 1/8" deep is not much material to remove. And, MDF cuts very easily. A laminate trimmer will do that job no problem. I would be sure to use a carbide bit, as the MDF will dull a HSS bit too quickly.

      I have four routers (!) and a trimmer. I tend to use the smallest one that will do the job, for exactly the reason you cite - the smaller and lighter the router, the better the control.

      Good luck! Must be an HO track? I seem to remember that 1/32 & 1/24 guide shoes needed a deeper slot than 1/8. Or am I remembering wrong?



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        Re: Trimmer or Router

        It's 1/32. I had mm to inchites its 8mm or about a third+ of an inch deep.