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  • TS2424 Table Saw Fence

    Can I drill holes in my fence to attach a piece of oak so I can make tight clearance cuts? My old Delta had holes for this.

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    You could, but the track on the sides of the fence are made for fittings that you can connect the auxiliary fence to so that no drilling is required.
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      The TS2424 I had came with square head bolts and instructions for an aux. fence attachment. If you don't have the bolts I don't see why 1/4-20 hex bolts won't work. They slide in the slot just fine. I would just be careful and not torque the nuts down too much as they could spin in the track. These slot tracks just beg for many good jigs and other accessories to be used on the fence. Maybe the wiser members could advise further. If you don't have the manual download it from this site. Good luck!


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        dont drill into that fence! read on in the assemble manual about using the nuts and bolts as excellently described above.
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          I would not recommend drilling into the fence. The slots in the fence are there to mount facing boards and the like. Your saw should have come with three square head bolts to do just that. If you no longer have them, you could order new ones by calling 1-800-4RIDGID or going to