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Grizzly Mortiser?

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  • Grizzly Mortiser?

    Anyone know if these are any good? The price is good.

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    Patrick, it seems nice, don't know anything about it but if you have a drill press, you can go to Lowes and pick up a complete set of mortising bits and all of the adaptors to mount on your drill. bits range from 1/4" - 3/4" and are 1/8" increments. For about 60.00 give or take 10.00. have them here and they work well. I didn't see any thing in the ad that said the bits were in the sleeves that they give you.

    Hope I helped.


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      Thanks. I have a DP and I am considering getting a chisel set, but I remember reading a post somewhere about leverage and DP's. Something about the mortisers being designed to handle the additional force required to drive a chisel??


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        Patrick----check out some of the past discussions on this----a dp mortiser, in addition to questionable stresses on the dp, is a roaring pain to set up---now, if you're only going to do mortises once or twice a year, the dp attachment is probably fine.

        As to the Griz' mortiser----I'd pass on it. I'd stick with either Jet or Delta---reason being, is with a cheaper model, you don't want them to skimp on strength of materials (since a lot of force is applied) nor do you want something that could be inaccurate.

        Grizzly has some very popular tools, but all of their tools aren't made with equal attention to quality or duribility.


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          I would have to agree with Dave. There is better out there than the Grizzly. I Have the DP1550 and the Ridgid Mortising kit. It's ok, pain to set up, and I have yet to satisfied to use it on my son's crib project, so...

          I recently went mortising shopping to collect prices and info. Though I was looking at full sized machines, the General was my prefered at 800 with no stand. The PowerMatic was my 2nd choice, alos 800, with cabinet stand.

          When looking at bench top models, as that's more what I can afford to start that Crib project, the best bang for the buck in the bench top class is the Shop Fox. It has a Twin Post where all others has a single post, equiped with gas shock actuation. It has 1/4 hp more motor than the other 3. And was less than the General bench top or Jet. The Fisch was about the same price, but just looking you could tell is was 1/2 the shop fox model without looking at specs. The Shop Fox also came with bits and chisels. $239.00 was the price tag.

          I was looking at it in a woodworking store, which doesn't do volumn so prices are high. I haven't had time to research the net for price comparison. But I'm leaning heavy towards the Shop Fox to get my by until I can afford the General tilting head full sized mortiser.

          I would like to hear from anyone who owns, or has tried out the Shop Fox bench top mortiser. Thanks in advance.
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            I don't find a problem with the mortise attachments on a drill press, but got tired of documenting it repeatedly, so wrote this page discussing the pros and cons: