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help choosing a first table saw

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  • help choosing a first table saw

    hi everyone, i just found this forum today looking at the specs on the TS2424.
    up untill now i had pretty much decided on getting the Delta 36-444 (same as 36-650 but the 444 is us made)however now i am considering the TS2424. i have never been much of a fan of delta and really like the look of the ridgid saw with the cast outwings. Is the rip fence realy a pain of is it something that you get use to when you use it?

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    Hi: the rip fence is The Saw. A table saw's forte is ripping, and the TS2424 has about the best oem fence on the market. Cast iron wings are a plus as they tend to be more level and rigid (no pun intended) than stamped steel. Also, because of the honeycomb design, sawdust just falls through to the floor. Lot's of power, accurate, and U.S. made. My emerson-made craftsman power tools are over 20 years old and still going strong. That says a lot about this company. Good luck and give a yell if you have any more questions. Dawg
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