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This time, a mortise question

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  • This time, a mortise question

    Hello All -- once again.

    I need to cut a mortise on a 2x12x5(foot long) board. My problem is that the mortise has to be cut along the 12" side of the board. Actually the mortise has to run two inches from the front of the board to the back. At 5' tall, this presents a challenge (at least to me anyway). Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get this done? The only thing I can think of is using a router -- but I am not sure on what would be the best approach.

    Again, thanks in advance.


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    Do you have something like this you can attach to your router?

    If so you could use an upcut spiral bit with the guide and make a few passes
    Freud example


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      Hi wbrooks -- thanks for the reply.

      What is that called -- I don't have one, but if it will get the work done -- I would be interested.

      Thanks again.


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        It is just a fence/guide that attaches to your router. Cant find the picture anymore but here is a similar one for a PC router. The link is for Amazon but just do a google on router guide. Only used the picture to help you see what I was thinking, this one is better as it shows the wood too.

        PC Router Guide


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          OK. So that will help me cut that mortise on the side of a 5' board? It's only 1 1/2" thick and the cut (dado) is 1/4" thick.

          Sorry for the confusion -- Just want to make sure I'm looking at the right thing.

          Thanks again,



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            Like this??


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              Actually, I need it on the side of the board. If the image I have inserted is viewable -- it's would be the red line. I believe, after doing some research that a slot cutting bit might do the trick. I need to find one that will cut a 1/4" inch deep by a 1/4" wide. Does that approach sound acceptable. Sorry for the confusion.


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                Strange why it won't display, I punched the address of your pic into the browser and it worked.

                thats what I originally thought. you can get 1/4" upcut spiral bits, set the cut depth at 1/4" and set the fence on the router to cut the groove where ever you need it. The fence holds the bit in reference to the edge of the wood

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                  Alternatively, set the router in a router table and mount a high aux. fence to keep the board square to the table top. Depending on the depth of the groove, you may have to plow it in multiple passes.