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20% Sale?

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  • 20% Sale?

    I'm new to woodworking and need to purchase all the tools to get started. I plan on building a small shop in my backyard and purchasing all the equipment I'll need. I've been following all the talk about the TS3650 and decided that's the TS I'd like to start with. However since I have to literally buy everything from the TS to a hammer the 20 percent sale is what I'm waiting for. So my question is how often does HD run the 20 percent off sale? Is there a pattern that anyone has noticed? Or was that just a Christmas special?

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    Up until that sale, I believe it was the first in history. Probably designed to move their new tool line. Don't know if we'll see another or not. Depends on if they want to create another splurge of tools into the market.

    You can always gt the 10 % off if you buy your tools all with a new HD credit card.



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      Been shopping at HD for years now and last Christmas was the first ever time I saw 20%. They do have occasional coupons for "friends and family" that are for 10% off. Usually, you can ask employees for them. However, the coupons only come out once every two or three months and they are good only for one weekend. You need to catch the timing just right.


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        Both HOME DEPOT and LOWES offer a "NEW MOVER" 10% off coupon on their web sites. The coupon is supposed to be for people moving to a new home who need to do some fixing up, but who needs to know the truth. It is a one time use coupon, and you do'nt have to use their credit cards. Lowes will e-mail it to you, and HD will send it by mail.


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          Home Depot does the 10% "Friends and Family" coupon 4 times a year, at the end of every financial quarter. They are always the last weekend of the quarter.


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            Do you know when their next quarter ends?


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              most likely April is the end of q1 for this year.


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                Last weekend of the 1st quarter would be March 26-28.