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    Re: Angle Finding Protractor

    [quote=LuciKnows;209750]There is also a digital model made by Denali. I've had mine about a year now. Works great. It also has a laser included for shooting lines from the angles or flats.[/qu

    I have used the Denali Digital before. It is the same thing as the Bosch DigitaL I have. I don't use it anymore. It takes to much of my time 7 time is money. With crown molding the end user has to put the spring angle in every time with Denali or Bosch ( 38 or 45 degree spring angle ) depending which one is being used. You would think the spring angle could be locked in but it's not. Then I have to make sure I have spare batterys on site just in case it dies. If the tool is dropped the calabration gets off, then it goes back to the factory to be corrected. I dont make a habit of dropping my tools but it happens especially when on a ladder.
    I am very pleased so far with the Miter Master Plus, makes no difference if it gets dropped its ( not electronics ) the degree settings can't move. One side of the tool is for 38/52 deg crown the other side is for 45/45 for compound angle cuts. Both sides of the tool will find any miter for cutting crown standing up against the saw fence and any other miter that is needed trim,base,ext trim,ect.
    The neat thing about the tool there is a how to tudor diagrams for the novice on the blades. I don't use the tudor been in the industry to long. But I can see where it will help the weekend warriors.
    I need tools that are accurate and not complicated or it will just cost me money in the end.
    The only tool I have never changed from in 30+ yrs is the Skil Worm Drive.
    Just so happens the miter master plus works for me, I like it even better for my so called carpenters when they use it.
    Why is it when the economy gets bad anyone that has a hammer, speed square, tool belt and a rectangle pencil thinks they are carpenters. Or some DIYer remodels there house next thing there looking for a carpenters job. What happen to Apprentiship programs.
    Any Plumbing Contractors out there have this problem ?