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  • mitre slot size

    I have the TS2412 and I bought the Delta 34-183 Tenoning jig. The mitre bar doesn't fit into the left Mitre slot on my table saw. Does any one what the dimensions of the mitre slot are?

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    I bought the older model Delta----with calipers I found the Delta bar was a hair over 3/4" and the Rigid slot a hair under 3/4". You can do one of two things----order a Rigid bar---just check parts for the miter gauge, cut it down to the same length and drill/tap the wholes to match,

    Or---remove the Delta bar and carefully file and/or belt sand down the width---be very careful to take light cuts and recheck against the slot freqently---and check against the full length of travel in the slot. Get a snug fit and wax.


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      What would be the best way to sand down the bar?



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        The answer I received from Ridgid when I asked for their machining specs for their slot/bar.

        "Our Spects are as follows.

        Bar Slot .752 Max .745 Min
        Bar .737 Min .740 Max"


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          As for sanding down the miter bar, I'd take a belt sander and mount it in a woodworking vise so you could sand the bar along one side. It might be difficult to make the cut even along the lenght of the bar but with a care it could be done. It might be easier to get a Rigid bar. Good luck.
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            I bought a similar tennoning jig from rockler recently and found the same problem with that.
            Looking into the future and the possability of upgrading to a T-slot cabinet saw (hoping Ridgid will release on in a year or 2) I took a good mill file and proceeded to file down the sides and bottom of the miter slot so it worked freely.
            If you purchase a better miter gauge, you'll find you'll have the same problems and will have to either file down or sand the bar on that as well, so I suggest doing the filing on the miter slot on the saw itself.
            Just my 2 cents.
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              I also got the Delta tenoning jig, and my calipers have the slot in the table at .740", with the Delta bar at .750". If the specs above are correct, then my table slots are thinner than the minimum size; very annoying.

              I may end up just buying the miter bar from Ridgid, but I have to say I'm quite annoyed at Ridgid for not just making the slot large enough.



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                I just received my Delta tenoning jig today and it fits perfectly in the left miter slot of my TS3612.


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                  I bought the Sears tenoning jig this past weekend and used it for a project. It was $55 with the Craftsman Club discount and it fit the mitre slot on my TS 2424.

                  The Sears tenoning jig is not as nice as the Delta versions, but it works OK. It served the purpose well enough for me. Hope this helps!!

                  - Jamie