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  • Advice on BS1400 Bandsaw

    I'm looking to purchase a new bandsaw. I've researched all the usual manufacturers (Delta, Jet etc...), saw the the BS1400 and seems to be good value as is the Grizzly G1019 (a Popular woodworking editors choice). Any opinions out there on the BS1400?

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      CJ----I would suggest you assess what you want to do with the saw. For a general purpose/all-around use saw, most of what you mentioned would be fine----and as Woody said, no comment on the Ridgid---but that I think is more of a support/servicing issue.

      But, if you entertain thoughts of making your own veneer, or a lot of re-sawing, I'd suggest you set your sights and budget up a ways. I'd suggest you get ahold of some past reviews from magazines as to their tests. The Delta 14" closed stand has consistantly gotten high marks and is what I'd consider the minimum for accurate resawing.

      Just depends on what you want.


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        I have the BS1400 and I like it a lot. I have had it a year or so and no complaints from me. I have resawed 6 inch cherry and oak and maple without balk or complaint from the saw. More than adequate power is there for my part. I use a Lennox 3 tpi, hook, 1/2 inch blade. I did buy the Fasttrack fence from Woodcraft, and it also is a winner in my estimate. I believe this saw is equivalent to the Jet 14 inch, though others maybe offended by the comparison. Fine Woodworkinggave this saw a very favorable review last December or so.


        Mike Narges


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          There is no doubt, I ended up with a dud of a band saw. And as luck has it, it was at the worst time it could be for any CS or Warrantee issues.

          Daveferg made some very well put comments, and I will stand behind that. It's not a work horse, it's a band saw, and as far as it's worth, it will do most curved cuts and light resawing effectivily.

          As for the lenox blades, some reading needs to be done. Though you order it by the inch, pay for it by the inch, and blades are made to your request. Carbide composit tipped blades have a higher tensil strength, making them more brittle. Meaning, the smaller the flywheel, the more flex you put into a paine of glass, if you get the meaning. I wish I would have bookmarked that reading location!

          Looking at dozens of sites, reading reviews, studying blades the past month, I will say this;

          They are not intended for use on less than a 20" flywheel as it greatly increases the ware factor, and work hardens the blank where it will easily crack under heavy loads after short periods of time. Causing your envestment that you expected long life from to fail prematurely.
          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            I have a 1 hp closed base 14" Jet with riser attached and am happy with it. I was lucky to get one at a substantial discount under a local dealer's "scratch and dent" program. I like the 1 hp over the .75 hp on the Ridgid and I also like the closed base. Nevertheless, I've never used the Ridgid, but read a recent tool review that rated it fairly high, even against band saws with more hp. I recall it got high marks for tensioning capacity, which is extremely important in resawing and ripping. Unfortunately, the .75 hp is going to limit resaw ability somewhat, but 1 hp isn't a great deal of improvement either.


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              I have had my Bs1400 for about 2 months now, and really like it since I threw the included blade into to woods behind my house. I strugled with massive amounts of drift until I changed to an Olsen blade, now cuts straight as an arrow. I have only done a little resawing, and it did seem slightly under powered when cutting the cherry. But for the money I am very happy with mine.
              I dont think I will every add the riser block to mine, especially after what woody has said about the motor, I dont think it needs any more stress [img]smile.gif[/img] .

              Woody, I talked to my cousin, and he suggested that you deal directly with the service center at the Alyria OH plant, they seem to have things a little better under control than others.
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                I struggled with the same decision. I ordered a Grizzly G0555 last week. It has a 1 hp motor, fence, miter gauge, quick tension lever, bearing guides and two speeds. I decided against the Ridgid because it lacked all those features that were standard on the G0555. For me I must get the best bang for my buck. Delta and Jet are nice machines but way out of my meager woodworking budget. Plus you still need to buy the fence, miter gauge, quick tension lever, etc.... (Items standard on the G0555). Unfornuately, the Ridgid cannot compete with the G0555! Personally, I was hoping that Ridgid was going to rework their BS1400 and make it more competitive with the G0555. I even put off my BS purchase for a year. In the end I chose the Grizzly. Sorry Ridgid!