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Spray Latex Paint?

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  • Spray Latex Paint?

    Good morning all - I kow this is somewhat off topic, but I've just finished building some kitchen cabinetry that I'd like to prime and paint with a latex semigloss. Does anyone have a good idea on how spray paint these, as to avoid brush marks and save time?

    I've thought of the following:
    1) I have a airless spray, which works great, but makes a lot of overspray and is a hassle to clean up.

    2) I have a spray gun with my air compressor, but have found that it doesn't seem to have enough pressure to spray the latex or the primer, and likes to clog, despite thinning. It's 25gl tank, with up to 150psi. Anyone else have a different experience?

    3) I don't have an HVLP sprayer - seems like the overspray is less, but have heard that this woun't work with latex, only stains and finishes.

    Any ideas, or am I best off with the old brush?

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    First---the only way I ever was able to spray latex was with an airless----can't speak as to quality of finish---I was doing ceilings, so never noticed . But, I really do have to put my 2 cents in----why would you ever want latex on a high use cabinet like in a kitchen? With steam from cooking, coffee maker----latex can soften. Doesn't stand up well to cleaning frequently needed in kitchen----sorry, but thought this needed mentioning. Good luck with your project.


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      I agree with Dave. Latex doesn't cut it in applications of heavy use or near water.


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        Have you considered melamine paint?
        Benjamin Moore Melamine Paint


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          I remodeled our kitchen in 98 and couldn't afford new cabinet faces and didn't have the experience to make them so I painted them with a HVLP sprayer.
          It worked great but I would suggest you don't skimp on the paint. I used Sherwin Williams and it has held up great. I can't remember if they had a specific paint but after 6 years they look great. I even painted an old lighted hutch to match and it looks great.
          I don't know about all HVLP sprayers but I have used plenty of latex. I painted my house, cabinets, hutch, garage all with latex and have had no problems

          Good luck


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            I have used my compressor and regular sprayer to paint a few steel raised panel doors with latex, they turned out great. If you decide to use latex, make sure you thin the paint with the special latex flow promoter available, it makes all the difference in the world for spraying ease and finish quality.

            Good Luck