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    Dave A.,

    I would gladly trade in half my knowledge of all things geek, for half of what you and the others know about everything discussed in these forums.


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      I'm glad to see I'm not the only computer geek who would rather be doing some woodworking. Now, if I can only find a way to get the same pay for woodworking I'd be in heaven. Woe is me.


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        Woodworking is definitely a fun and rewarding hobby and I wouldn't mind making a little extra money from projects to support the hobby The things I like about my geek job are the variety of responsibilities and daily challenges. I do everything from PC support to network administration to web site maintenance to purchasing decisions etc. and I absolutely love it. Woodworking is great because you get to work with your hands, solve problems, see immediate results and express some "creativity". It is great "time away" and a skill I hope to continue to grow and improve and then pass on to my children.
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          If we are taking a survey of computer geeks who do woodworking, count me in. I learned to program in 1962, and am now a senior level computer consultant to the financial services industry. My woodworking took a big step forward when my wife discovered Norm, wanted to try some woodworking with me, and decided that I didn't have enough power tools.


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            Same here. My wife hates that I have so many hobbies, but the woodworking is definitely her favorite. She says it's because anything I create, can enhance the home. My other hobbies just cost money and the only one who can enjoy them is me. Imagine that?