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  • best wood for my project

    I am replacing some steel support poles on my carport with some wooden square columns. I then plan to build a fence-like barrier between each column. The columns and fence boards will be painted. What is the best species of wood to use that will provide optimal weather/moisture tollerance? I don't want to use pressure treated pine, because I don't think I can successfully paint over it due to its moisture content, and it has a tendancy to warp as it dries out. Any suggestions?
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    Use pressure treated wood. Then wrap with cedar or a vinyl post cover. Or just box in the steel with cedar since it appears you are just going for a look.


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      PT is a good choice, but give it a month or so to leech, and use a deck wash on it before painting.


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        I too think that pt would be the choice of wood. But from what I remember, you have to wait atleast a year for it to leech out. Preasure washing is a great idea to rid any dirt and grime that would flake any paint. If you run enough supports horizontally from post to post and secure with enough screws, the warping should be at a minimum. I made a fence in my back yard this way and no warping yet. The paint goes on this spring.



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          I would leave the steel and box it in. you could be asking for trouble later down the road. PT wood will be the best.