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RIDGID® Wet Dry Vac #WD1245

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  • RIDGID® Wet Dry Vac #WD1245

    I'm in the market for a new vac for general shop use. I noticed that Ridgid has newly designed vac's so I'm considering th e12 gal.

    I'm very interested in just how loud the newly designed vac is. I'm sick of listening to my Craftsman scream.

    Ridgid say, "New Design Provides More Efficient Airflow, Better Suction, & Less Noise; The Result - More Power and Quieter Operation"

    So how much quieter? I also want to know the Decibal rating. Can't find Db on the spec chart! I'm sure it not as quiet as the Fein, but how much louder is it. Thanks in advance.

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    I just bought the WD1245 this weekend, and love it. The seals on my Craftsman developed so many leaks over the years that it was practically useless, and it was bulky in the shop. So I replaced it with a small, cheap unit. A waste of time and money, since the cheap unit got plugged at every opportunity - or maybe I should say, "got plugged whenever it picked up something" which wasn't often enough.

    The WD1245 is great. I don't have the decibel rating, but it is quieter than either the Craftsman or the year-old noname. Certainly not a quiet tool, but one that I can tolerate running as a dust collector (connected to, and running at the same time as, another noisy tool).

    My shop is cleaner than it has been in years. The WD1245 never got plugged. The suction is so good that it even picked up a gardening glove and never got stuck.

    I do plan to buy one "accessory" for it. The numerous tool holders on the lid and feet appear to be designed for either the male or female accessories. Most tools are the larger diameter and the holders work great. But the hose (or hose with the "pipe" attached are the inside piece of the connection, and are tight on the holder. So on my next trip to HD I plan to buy a 2 1/2 inch hose coupling to put over one of the holders, so there is a quick place to hold the hose/pipe between uses.