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DP1500 15" Drill Press

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  • DP1500 15" Drill Press

    I recently purchased a DP1500 15" drill press and have been very disappointed with the quality and performance of this tool. In my opinion this tool should be advertised as a home use tool for the novice or beginner woodworker who may only use it a couple times a year. This tool would never last in a commercial cabinet shop with heavy use. I am considering using mine as boat anchor.

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    Sorry to here your unhappy with your drill press. Have you called RIDGID to let them know about the problems you are having. I checked out the drill press you have and from what I see it one of if not the best around and I will have one in my shop before the end of the year. In fact I plan on owning the whole RIDGID Power Tool Line. I would give RIDGID a call. If your still unhappy and want to use or drill press and an anchor let me know were you'll be. I'll bring a real anchor and make you a even trade. I know that drill press will fit just fine in my shop.
    Regards Daniel Maloney