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    Went to the Spokane Valley HD this afternoon and figured I'd see if they have any 3612's. The display is still the same old 24 series but lo and behold up on the shelf there was 5 3612's all wrapped up in there boxes ready for someone to buy. So they are real, well at least the box is.


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    saw a 3612 today at hd in lacrosse wi all setup well sortof the blade wasn't square at the 90deg mark and it definatly wasn't paralell to the fence infact i really dont think you could have used it, the splitter didnt line up with the blade either. and since the tool guy couldnt find the safety key we couldn't turn it on anyway, other than that it looks like a nice saw, i did score a spindel sander swmbo took pity on me its our 24th year of marital bliss all it cost me was a diamond necklass


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      The Home Depot in LaCrosse Wisconsin has the best Ridgid display I have seen ... anywhere. I didn't check the alignment of the 3612, but I saw it on display (most of the HD stores I visit seem to still show the 2424 even if they are selling the 3612).

      To put it in perspective, I was visiting a relative from Iowa, who had bought his 3612 in Rochester Minnesota, but they were out of Jointers, so when we were in LaCrosse we stopped in, and bought a Jointer for him. But he also got the Ridgid thickness planer. And I now want to sell my Delta planer and get the Ridgid TP.

      So in 10 minutes the good display in LaCrosse sold two machines to a customer from Iowa, and will probably make a sale for a Texas HD that has lousy displays. And I bet the Texas stores that have such lousy Ridgid displays wonder why they don't sell as much.

      For a spindle sander, I would have only offered SWMBO a bracelet - you should have saved the necklace for the 3612!