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Drill Press DP1550 & Mortise Attachment

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  • Drill Press DP1550 & Mortise Attachment

    Jake.... Anyone!

    I have been trying to find out when the DP1550 is going to show up at Home Depot Stores. Looking at past postings on this subject listed below, there isn't any answer. I have called customer service and they don't even know about the DP1550! Can some please shed some light on this. Also are there plans to have a new Mortising Kit to replace the AC6005?

    Thanks Phil G.


    Can you tell me what the differences will be between the DP1500 and the new drill press coming out?
    I've been waiting to buy the new one, but I need it for a project that I'm begining, and I'm wondering if it's worth my waiting for the new one.

    Thanks for the great site! I've been coming here for about a year and appreciate all the advise and info I've received.


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    I just received the shipment today of the attachment and bt set which I purchased via this site over the internet.

    Hope to hook it up this weekend.

    Will post results when early next week.


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      I to am waiting for the DP1550 which I thought I saw on ealier posts would be available the end of February. I called Ridgid on Monday and was told it may be a couple of more months before it is shipped to the stores. I went and bought the spindle sander to play with until the DP is availabe.


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        Yes unfortunately it will be about April 1st before the DP1550 hits the stores. You guys will be the first to know when it does.



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          Thanks for the reply! Any word on chages to the mortise attachment for the new DP?


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            Thank you Jake, as always you are most helpful.


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              Just picked one up today at Home Depot here in Idaho.