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Why I am not unloading my Ridgid tools

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  • Why I am not unloading my Ridgid tools

    I was complaining about the web site not having service centers for a while. They fixed it.
    I now have a service center that says they will work on all my Ridgid tools. They fixed it.
    I have their jointer and mitre saw, good solid tools.
    Some of you may remember I was in the market for a table saw, have not bought it yet, still waiting to see if Ridgid will get their whole act together. I hope I is only a matter of time, there have been so many changes. Do I like it they moved overseas. No. But, I do understand they are about profit? Yes

    My opinon, the verdict is still out.
    I will wait and see.

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    While it may be much too late, I'd run to as many HDs as you can reach and see if they have any more 3612s left----even without fence/rails or even the Herculift, buy it (with appropiate discounts for missing parts). I've seen the 3650 and IMHO, the 3612 is better built.

    I also, don't mind that they moved mfg. of this saw overseas---but I think they're saving on more than just labor.


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      My "TOP TEN" reasons for keeping my RIDGID tools:
      1) TS2424
      2) RAS 1000
      3) Band saw
      4) Drill Press
      5) Oscillating Spindle Sander
      6) Hurc-U-lift
      7) LIFETIME warranty
      8) Quality
      9) I like orange and grey
      10) I want the jointer!

      I'm not very worried about service. I'd rather do the work myself, if I can get the replacement parts under warranty. As far as the new line goes, we'll all have to wait and see. The handtools feel good. The quality appears to be there regardless of what other brand they may resemble. Regarding the stationary tools, I don't expect to be buying any more(except the jointer) within the next 10 years or so.

      Bottom line: I like RIDGID. You get alot for your money. ...but I would appreciate some improvement in the customer service department.

      [ 10-17-2003, 01:24 PM: Message edited by: Greg's Garage ]
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        Hey, I'm a guy that orders my replacement parts for my Craftsman tools and my wife's Kenmore stuff from Sears Never crosses my mind to call out for a repairman or take it to a service center.
        If my Ridgid stuff ever breaks down, I sure won't be looking around for a service center, I'll just fix it myself like I do everything else.
        Geez, we build things for hobbie or livelyhood, surely we can fix a saw if it ever breaks down! Ain't nothing but nuts and bolts!
        Rob Johnson
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          I have to agree with Rob,I do all my repairs as well. I just bought the Ridgid Planer, got 38% discount at H D.


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            Don't know if your area had the same ad, but big ad in Sunday paper from HD, with just tools! Apparently the big kick-off of the new Ridgid tools as well. They finally spelled out the waranty stuff---no guessing needed.

            Will be interesting to see how they do.


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              Yeah, that ad kept my interest for like ten minutes, which is saying something! The lifetime warranty will be very attractive to heavy users I guess, but the price differences seem to buy one and a half of other brands right off the bat. I think they will do well either way.
              I will be keeping my 2424 though, my saw is sturdy enough that (horrors!) I was standing on it to reach something in the rafters this weekend! As you can see, I don't subscribe to the keep it 25 years theory, I will keep it as long as it works well though, I like it. [img]smile.gif[/img]
              That other posting comparing saws to cars kinda describes my view also, my truck depreciates about 7 table saws worth every year, so why worry about a saws life expectancy?
              \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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                I really have to laugh---My old Emerson-built Craftsman is now 14 years old----runs even better than new----over that time, I've upgraded a lot on it----now equivalent to about a $900 Delta (with Biese' fence)---only difference is the webbed wings. When someone comes out with the next generation of table saws---I'll buy one, but until then, I'll hold on to what I've got---BTW---last year I sold my old pick-up for $900----23 years old