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sanding & polishing table saw top

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  • sanding & polishing table saw top

    A friend had rust from a table saw removed by sand blasting the bottom and glass beading (like sand blasting except using tiny glass beads) the top. Though the rust is gone, the glassbeading left the top with a slight rough finish. How can one sand and/or polish the top to make it nice and smooth again?

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    An India stone is the proper way to remove rust from a steel surface. Get some WD-40 and spray it over your saw table and run the stone across the table top ensuring that it stays flat. You'll be suprised how fast it will clean up. You can purchase an India stone at any hardware. They are made by Norton. When your done, get a good degreaser to clean the saw table and then wax it. Good Luck!


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      blasting any surface will distort it, I would not recommend your friend have it done again.
      My TS2424 was pretty rough out of the box and wanted to make it a bit better before applying protecive wax. I did auto body repair for 17 years and have a good Pneumatic DA I used with 80 grit, then 150 grit to smooth it over, including the wings.
      But I would think any electric oscillating sander would work as well. I suggest using gold paper, all others will ware out way too fast and you'll spend more time changing discs than sanding.
      Just make a sweeping pattern and keep moving, as the scratch pattern comes into site you'll see what I mean by distorting. There will be high and low spots.
      Good Luck.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>