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Wallpaper on wood?

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  • Wallpaper on wood?

    hello all,
    I wanted to ask about the best way to get wallpaper off a wall that is wood? Do I need a special strip compound for that, or is it best to paint over top instead?

    I am never quite sure which kind of chemical to use as they are all so strong.

    Thanks for any tips----Nan.
    need any home renovation tips....flooring and carpet

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    Re: Wallpaper on wood?

    Is it wallpaper or vinyl wall covering? If it's paper, I'd start by spraying warm water, let it soak in and then start working the paper loose. Probably have to get all the remnants of the paper off with a scrubbie pad or lightly go over it with sandpaper. If it's vinyl, you can usually peel the vinyl by working under a corner and then use warm water or wallpaper remover to loosen the glue and work the backing paper off the wall.

    No matter which it is, it's most likely going to be a lot of work! We stripped wallpaper from every room of our house when we bought it. I never want to see wallpaper again!



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      Re: Wallpaper on wood?

      Too much water and/or wallpaper stripper solutions might cause problems for the wood underneath. Water will soak into the wood and could cause swelling or raise Bethe grain, leaving a rough surface.

      What are your plans after the paper is removed? And what is the wood underneath? Have you been able to determine what the wood is and if it has any finish applied to it or if it's bare(raw). A finish of some type would (to me anyway) allow for easier stripping of the paper with less chance of damage to the wood.
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